There are four railroads that operate in Davidson County.









The most important and busiest railroad in Davidson County is the
whose Main Line passes thru Davidson County in a mostly Northeast to Southwest direction
from Thomasville thru Lexington to Spencer Yard in Southmont,
and then across the Yadkin River on a bridge alongside I-85 en-route to
the former Spencer Yard in Salisbury, NC.


Mainline Frequencies

Charlotte Dispatch 161.310 South of MP 324
Danville Dispatch 160.515 North of MP324
Road Channel 1 160.950 Road Channel 2 160.905
NS RR Police 161.205 Encrypted

Spencer Yard --- Linwood Yard

Spencer Tower 161.490 Hump 161.325
Car Inspectors 160.365
Pullback 1 160.755 Pulback 2 160.875

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The Winston-Salem Southbound RR  is co-owned by the  CSX and the NS
goes North to South through Davidson County
paralleling Old US 52 from Winston-Salem to Lexington.
The WSSBRR crosses the Mainline of the NSRR in Lexington
and proceeds south from Lexington paralleling NC SR 8.
It eventually connects to CSX at Wadesboro, NC.

Winston Salem Southbound RR

Dispatch 161.250
Road Channel 160.590

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The High Point,Thomasville, & Denton Railroad
is operated as a part of the
The HPT&D comes southeast out of High Point to Thomasville
then south paralleling NC SR 109 through Silver Valley to Denton.
At Denton the HPT&D turns west paralleling NC 47
to a connection with the WSSBRR at High Rock on the Yadkin River.

High Point Thomasville & Denton RR

Dispatch 161.250
Road Channel  160.590

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 AMTRAK  operates through Davidson County on trackage rights over the Mainline of the Norfolk Southern RR.
AMTRAK uses the  NSRR  Charlotte and Danville Dispatch  radio channels while traveling through Davidson County.


North of Spencer Yard 160.515
South of Spencer Yard 161.310
Road Channel 160.950

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